Lending their creative talents to the festival blog:

Andrew Buckle: Sydney film enthusiast and reviewer. Coverage of new releases, classics and film festivals alike at The Film Emporium.

Beth Wilson is a freelance writer and film editor at Trespass Magazine. Read more at B Movies.

Sam Webster is a writer, photographer and regular contributor to Trespass Magazine. Read more at

Alice Tynan is a freelance writer, film critic and future Spanish speaker. Read more at The Plot Thickens.

Jess Lomas is a book editor by day, movie reviewer by night. She writes for Quickflix, Watch Out For, Australian Film Review and A New Level of Nerdiness.

Glenn Dunks is a freelance writer from Melbourne, the film editor for Onya Magazine and regularly contributes to Trespass Magazine. Read more at Stale Popcorn.

Sophia Dakis is a freelance writer and Spanish enthusiast. Read more at Mood of Monk.

Sarah Ward is a writer, critic and devotee of film festivals large and small. Read more at The Reel Bits and DVD Bits.